The Artist 

Bulletproof Aura is a collection of dream catchers handcrafted by Callie Mahoney. She eloquently fuses natural elements with a modern mix of material to portray a reflection of her own unique contrast of influences. Callie is from Maui, Hawaii and now lives in Paris where Bulletproof Aura is based. 

Dream Catchers

The origins of traditional dream catchers are linked to the Obijwa tribes of the Lake Superior region in the United States and were used as  protective amulets

A dreamcatcher is primarily composed of a hoop and a web-like netting that mimics that of a spider web intended to catch the bad dreams in the net while allowing the good dreams to pass through the centre. 

The netting is significant of the web of life and the idea that all living things are connected in nature. The feathers allow bad dreams that were caught over night to drip down them and burned away with the morning sun. 

Native American culture believes that "dreams are the messengers to the spirit world and everyday life."

"With utmost respect for the traditional intent of the dreamcatchers significance I create each of these unique pieces to bring forth the ancient wisdom through this art to our modern life."

*** InJoy

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